Over the past few years some market research firms have cropped up claiming large portfolios of research content. The industry is riddled with disingenuous publishers and copycats. They're known to engage in reverse engineered data tweaks, auto-generated market data and extensive marketing collateral that emulate credible publishers' original works. No primary research done but just a search engine acquired data simulation to generate multiple data sets and geographic market data.

Global Industry Analysts, Inc., is NOT affiliated in any manner with reports titled "A Global Industry Analysis" that are marketed by another firm. It has been brought to our attention that clients mistook these titles to be from the publisher were mistaken for - Global Industry Analysts, Inc.
We are not affiliated with a website which emulates this company's website
Another UNRELATED website that emulates ours is which Google warns with an alert -

Please be vary of publisher credentials and contact the publisher or content channel representing them before making your purchase.

Regardless of whether you're buying directly from the publisher or from one of the several content portals, follow a two-minute simple checklist -

1. Ask the publisher for proof of primary research and for details on how the research was conducted
2. Check if the publisher has a clear physical address on their website? If yes, google search to ensure it's not a fake address or a private home
3. Some publishers offer large portfolios and extensive report descriptions with no employees to show
4. Contact the publisher and verify credentials prior to purchase