Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) operating with the brand name StrategyR™ is a leading publisher of off-the-shelf market research for 36 years. Serving more than 42,000 clients from 27 countries, we are proudly recognized today, as one of the largest and reputed market research firms in the world. We serve companies across the world of all sizes. In the services sector, our clientele includes the world's most reputed management consultants, investment banks, investment research firms, venture capitalists, government, trade promotion groups, non-profits, industry associations, and others.

Our 10,266 ongoing research projects feature more than 1,729,340 companies worldwide. Our online collaborative network of domain experts actively engage on 9700+ ongoing research projects. About 2200 topics have been covered for more than a decade with an average of 6 releases. We proudly offer total transparency to our research programs, which are predominantly driven by company executive participation. Our well tested process draws more than 213,000 executives in marketing, strategy, and sales, to engage on our proprietary MarketGlass™ Research Platform. Each year, our outreach process engages with more than 4.7 million executives via a barrage of targeted domain-specific campaigns.

We are proud to claim early adoption of artificial intelligence in our research methodologies. Our platform has constantly evolved with learnings and adoption of new technologies and tools. Our MarketGlass™ platform enables decentralized enterprise-level B2B engagements within participating enterprises and cross pollinating them across other competitive outfits worldwide. The platform uniquely unlocks executive curiosities and draws upon their domain knowledge while engaging with peers and competitive company executives in a cohesive and collaborative manner. The embedded features enable efficient intelligence gathering and dissemination without compromising participants' privacy and identity. A resident Senior Analyst collaborates with the Executive Panel. All Primary and Secondary Research Fully Validated by an experienced in-house research team. Our Interactive questionnaires constantly validate random inputs which uncover random data on unreported geographies, further enriching our regional perspectives.

Our 36-Year Milestones - Balanced On Integrity

Team Size 5

Amongst ~36 publishers and one of five firms focused on medical devices with ~20 reports


Portfolio Expanded

Global Coverage, 250+ Reports, 3000+ Clients


Exponential Growth!

18 industries and 600+ reports. Top 5 publisher


Portfolio, Team & Clientele Peaks

24 Industries, 4000+ Topics, 13000+ Clients


Influencer Driven

Major Transition from In-house Analyst-Driven to the Enterprise Influencer Driven


MarketGlass™ Platform

  • Interactive Data Simulator
  • Peer Collaborative & Interactive
  • Bespoke Report Generation
  • Competitive Brand Tracking
  • Expert Panel Eco Connect
  • And 20+ Data Type Updates


MarketGlass™ v2.0

  • Mobile App (launched 2/2021)
  • Full-Stack Data Mobility
  • 600,000+ Influencer Insights