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GIA - Where Research Innovation Thrives

At GIA, we set the benchmark for innovation in the off-the-shelf market research industry. Over the past 30 years, we developed several comprehensive primary research programs. Our constantly evolving research techniques adopt new procedures, social media, and soft technologies in an ever-changing world. We have stayed ahead of the curve in understanding executive preferences and their practice patterns. Our engagement strategy has constantly evolved in sync with the industry.

Research Statistics

A series of complex multi-level, multilingual research programs are launched all year long, with highly evolved proprietary authentication processes. The overall primary research program annually reaches more than 140,000 executives worldwide. More than 2100 research-specific questionnaires and focused company/region/product specific multilingual communications target key executives worldwide.

Primary Research Program & Target Audiences

On a continuous basis, we adopt a focused reach strategy and target a worldwide total pool of 130,000+ corporate executives, 8,000+ investment analysts and 2,800+ Industry Managers who collectively monitor thousands of companies worldwide. We also draw from published works of these analysts representing over 650+ leading equity research firms, operating out of 5,500+ offices worldwide. The expertise and extensive insight of all these experts significantly contributes to our analyses of markets and companies. Our Research Partnership Program was introduced in 1998 and continues to be a major part of our business acumen. Over the past 30 years, we've expanded our network of participating executives and currently have more than 3400 active participants from 14 countries.

Research Sources & Enriched Historic Data

Our research sources are mostly in digital form and are available through a well-developed internal content search and delivery system enabling efficient instant access by all research staff worldwide. We subscribe to multiple business information services and premium content sources. Our research archives of 30 years constitute a massive repository of historic data that uniquely qualifies our 10-year historic data analytics presented in all major research projects. The digital and print archive go back to 1987, our year of founding, and becomes an invaluable source for tracking markets historically.

Global Coverage

Our research by geographic coverage is - United States 28%, Europe 44%, Japan 9%, Rest of Asia 9%, Latin America 4%, and Rest of the world 6%.

The General Strategy

We present below, the general sequence of research and analysis activity prior to the publication of every report. Please request for our custom research program preview of any project that's of interest. We only provide a general outline of our program and process below. Many proprietary techniques and sources are discussed in much detail in our project-specific research programs. We welcome you to request a preview of any of our 1400 projects completed annually.

  •     Extensive secondary research over a six-week period.
  •     Establish a primary research strategy.
  •     Establish the key technology and market drivers.
  •     Formulate a study outline by diligently examining all issues.
  •     Identify key products, brands, technologies, and end-use/user segments.
  •     Evaluate relative significance and impact of end-user or end-use impact on the market.
  •     Compile a comprehensive list of key and niche players worldwide.
  •     Design multilingual questionnaires - Level 1 (general & broad) and Level 2 (focused vertical).

Secret Sauce

Research houses typically utilize standard techniques to derive market data from baseline secondary research and selective high quality primary research inputs. At GIA, we go a step further. Our Confirmatory Primary Research Program (by invitation only) engages some of the largest influencers and experts in the industry, often from key players to critique and challenge each research project. We often find their guidance and contributions to be significant value adds in fine tuning our analytics.

Fuzzy Research Logic

Every market research initiative presents analysts with multiple fuzzy indicators. The challenges of seeing through these bytes of market intelligence, often ambiguous, is an acquired acumen specific to the analysts' experiences and ability to qualify and quantify has been institutionalized by GIA to share and cross-pollinate within its teams. Conflicting opinions from credible sources that are generally factually correct but differing significantly in metrics are often experienced project realities. That's where expertise and experience matters.