The MarketGlassTM Platform

Intelligence Amplified to the Power of YOU!

What’s MarketGlass™ ?

MarketGlass™ is our proprietary decentralized enterprise-level AI-driven B2B platform designed ground-up to offer the best UX to executives who contribute byte sized insights geographically or a comprehensive global perspective based upon their executive roles and domain expertise.

In addition to being a global executive intelligence exchange platform, MarketGlass™ is a powerful knowledge center that transforms into an everyday business executive intelligence tool!

How Does It Work?

Our platform enables participation across enterprises worldwide. Our peer collaborative and interactive research methodologies deliver the best curated intelligence at the enterprise level. These insights are cross-pollinated across the players in the domain through our dynamic data cluster displays. Providing insights while gaining insights from other domain expert contributions is a significant ROI for participation.

Only one of its kind, the platform delivers a unique experience, unlocking creativity and domain knowledge in cohesive and collaborative manner for each project in a globally decentralized market ecosystem. Executive engagements within participating enterprises for every project are cross pollinated across competitive outfits worldwide.

Knowledge Center

Participants and clients have full-stack data access for projects they support or purchase. Insider access privileges vary by level of commitment as described in the “PANELS” link on our home page. Privileges include real-time news, world events in your domain, trending market data, project update alerts, tracking competitive activity, world brands in your domain, publish blogs from premium content, produce podcasts using a choice of voice libraries or your own recorded voice, convenient usage of our curated content to edit and build your own insights form direct social media posting on LinkedIn or Twitter or FaceBook.

Innovation Is A Journey

Our platform has constantly evolved with improved algorithms and user experiences. Our second generation release has been tested and used by more than 37,400 domain experts during 2020.

AI-Curated Secondary Research

Our proprietary search sequencing technology allows multi-modality deep searches 7000 times faster than the human ability to process. Each search goes beyond keywords, filtering out self-serving fictitious data sources that push biased content through press releases, social and other conventional channels. Third-party sources such as legacy websites, blogs, social posts, rewrites, press releases, etc., make claims and publish bold facts that are disingenuous marketing content that is often biased. Our multi-tiered adaptive learning algorithms dig deep into the content and set level-2 tags to eliminate fictitious content. Once tagged, our embedded AI filters will automatically recognize all future repetitive patterns from the same source. All clean heterogenous content is collated into homogeneous structured intelligence.

Over the past three years, our platform curated 141 million original links, tagged 1.7 million sources as clean, and permanently invalidated 6+ million sources!

The Global Market Influencer

Market influencers driving decisions at competitive firms worldwide enrich our projects with current actionable intelligence. We're currently tracking 2.4 million market influencers across 240,000 companies worldwide that are profiled and prepped for our ongoing research projects. By the end of 2020 our primary research outreach contacted more than 853,000 influencers for ongoing projects. We're currently tracking 430,000+ engagements from 67,000+ domain experts.

Primary Outreach

Our outreach initiatives offer the best UIUX regardless of the device or operating systems. They’re fully mobile device enabled. Participants may get engaged on on their desktops, laptops, tablets, mobile devices or even through our newly launched MarketGlass™ Mobile App! Download the app on iOS or Android platforms.

Collaborate with Peers

Our primary research platform encourages collaborative participations across your enterprise. When the host participant chooses to purchase a license, we offer complimentary copies to all participating colleagues (max 10). This has been a great motivator for drawing participants. Collaborative team efforts encourage creative energy and always yield the best results.

Cross Enterprise Insights

Our platform masterfully navigates multi-dimensional multi-modality cross-pollination of ideas. In a winner-take-all enterprise-level market mindset, influencers tend not to share critical data about their companies and less likely to publicly comment on primary competitors. Our innovative platform successfully overcomes this hurdle by protecting participant identity of individuals and companies while secure fully validated interactions.

Cluster of Clusters

Data clusters for every data point and every research module such as Geographically focused Analytics in multiple research modules are displayed real-time for the benefit of the participant to see where they fit within the cluster with % deviations +/- for Market Trajectories, Market Shares, Pricing Trends, fir every product/service segment, year, and geography.

Domain Expertise Rankings

Our primary research platform allows curation of domain expertise of peers or competitive company executives. Participants can view every influencer tracked in every competitive firm and rank them for project fit and expertise.

Leveraging 33-Year Historic Data

As a 33-year market research powerhouse, we constantly build upon a strong layer of preexisting original data. More than 92% of our current ongoing projects offer a 10-year historic review. Average of 7 Editions and decades of research and analysis.

Dynamic Project Alerts & Updates

Market analytics are recomputed whenever the validated data variances exceed a 5% (+/-) tolerance. Internalized alerts help our experienced senior industry analysts to monitor and administer changes.

The Best ROI For Your Time - Guaranteed!

  • Domain Expert Panels
  • Powerful Knowledge Center
  • Influencer Validated
  • Peer Collaborations
  • Enterprise Cluster Views
  • Interactive Questionnaires
  • Bespoke Report Generation
  • AI-Driven B2B Research
  • Audit Enabled Programs
  • Trending Market Intelligence
  • Custom Configured Newsfeeds
  • Track Competitive Brands
  • Create & Publish Blogs
  • Create & Publish Podcasts
  • Track Domain Events
  • LinkedIn & Twitter Sharing
  • Research Program Previews

Primary Research


Eamil Snail Phone

240,000+ Companies

3.2 Million Expert Pool

800,000+ Market Influencers Engaged Annually

Across Enterprises Eco Connect

Intra-Enterprise Pree-to-Pree

Cross-Pollinated Insights

Blockchain Validated & Secured Identities

Business Unit

Localized Teams

Marketing Strategy Business Development Product Management Sales


Enriched Global Perspectives

  • Enterprise Dominance
  • Influencer Ranks
  • Geographies