The MarketGlassTM Platform

Intelligence Amplified to the Power of YOU!

We are proud to claim early adoption of artificial intelligence in our research methodologies. Our platform has constantly evolved with learnings and adoption of evolving technologies and tools. We're always improvising based on user experiences and feedback.

Our MarketGlass™ platform enables decentralized enterprise-level B2B engagements within participating enterprises and cross pollinating them across other competitive outfits worldwide. The platform uniquely unlocks executive curiosity and draws upon their domain knowledge while engaging with peers and competitive company executives in a cohesive and collaborative manner. Our draws upon this intelligence without compromising executive privacy and identity.

  • Resident Senior Analyst collaborates with the Executive Panel to build the project framework
  • All Primary & Secondary Research Fully Validated by in-house research team
  • Peer-to-Peer collaboration for bespoke builds by licensed users also become validated data for review and report updates
  • Interactive questionnaires and validated random inputs are curated for additional niche players’ inputs uncover random data on unreported geographies which get embedded into our regional perspectives and made available to clients for bespoke builds
  • Project Data Room with extensive historic Primary & Secondary Research data useful in constructing market trends

MarketGlass™ is our proprietary enterprise-level B2B market intelligence exchange platform designed for executives to share their regional market perspectives to help construct global market scenarios. Participants are validated for their company affiliation and their executive role to qualify their domain expertise.

MarketGlass™ offers self-paced peer-to-peer collaboration to build curated intelligence at the enterprise level allowing client companies to draw from regional perspectives of their global sales teams. These insights are cross-pollinated across participating enterprises and displayed as real time data clusters while protecting participants’ identities. The platform delivers a unique experience, unlocking creativity and domain knowledge in cohesive and collaborative manner for each project in a globally decentralized market ecosystem.

Curated Secondary Content - Our proprietary search-sequencing technology allows multi-dimensional deep searches 7000 times faster than the human ability to process. Each search goes beyond keywords, filtering out self-serving fictitious data sources that push biased content throughsocial and conventional channels. Screen third-party sources such as legacy websites, blogs, social posts, rewrites, press releases, etc., for disingenuous marketing content that is often biased. Our tiered adaptive learning tools dig deep into the content and set tags to eliminate such fictitious content. Once tagged, our tool automatically checks for repetitive patterns and filters out content originating from the same source. All clean heterogenous content is collated into homogeneous structured intelligence. Annually, our platform curates about 140 million original links, curates, and tags about 1.7 million sources as clean, and permanently invalidated numerous sources.

Primary Research – Executives driving decisions at competitive firms worldwide enrich our projects with current actionable intelligence. We're currently tracking 3.2 million market influencers across 480,000 companies worldwide that are fully profiled and prepped for our ongoing research projects. By the end of 2021 our primary research outreach contacted more than 853,000 executives for ongoing projects.

We invite senior executives in business strategy, marketing, sales, and product management at competitive companies worldwide to our expert panels. Additionally, any executive from a competitive company may participate by registering online. Analysts at leading management consulting, venture capital, private equity, investment management and related firms with domain expertise and are actively monitoring specific companies or industries may also sign-up to participate. Our panelists bring unique market perspectives and unbiased intelligence to our ongoing research programs.

Enterprise-Insider - Our platform encourages participants to collaborate with colleagues within their enterprise. If the host participant chooses to purchase a license, we extend complimentary copies to all participating colleagues (10-user limit). This has been a great motivator for drawing participants. Collaborative team efforts encourage creative energy and always yield the best results. Our platform allows for a secured cohesive interactive peer-to-peer experience.

Across-Enterprises - Our platform masterfully draws out individual perspectives from executives at competitive companies and places such data in primary data clusters without identifying individuals or companies. Only coded company references are used for collaborative intelligence.

Knowledge Center & Historic Data - We constantly build upon a strong layer of preexisting original data of 34 years. Participants and clients have access for projects they support or purchase. Insider access privileges vary by level of commitment. Our platform has constantly evolved with improved algorithms and user experiences. Our second-generation release has been tested and used by more than 37,400 domain experts during 2021. More than 82% of our current ongoing projects offer a 10-year historic review with multiple releases.

Project-focused Research Never Stops!- Our ongoing research process helps to continuously obtain improved results and tighter tolerances. With each updated iteration, each project effectively moves up the value chain and expert-level, yielding unique perspectives.

The Best ROI For Your Time - Guaranteed!

  • Domain Expert Panels
  • Powerful Knowledge Center
  • Influencer Validated
  • Peer Collaborations
  • Enterprise Cluster Views
  • Interactive Questionnaires
  • Bespoke Report Generation
  • AI-Driven B2B Research
  • Audit Enabled Programs
  • Trending Market Intelligence
  • Custom Configured Newsfeeds
  • Track Competitive Brands
  • Create & Publish Blogs
  • Create & Publish Podcasts
  • Track Domain Events
  • LinkedIn & Twitter Sharing
  • Research Program Previews