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Early March 2020, we reached out to senior enterprise executives who are driving strategy, business development, marketing, sales, product management, technology and operations at competitive firms worldwide. Our ongoing survey is focused on how this will this affect their business ecosystems. We invite you to participate in our survey and add to collective perspectives. Market movements are tracked for 2020, 2021 and broadly for the period of 2022 through 2025. Critical changes are monitored dynamically for the rest of this year. Updated analytics will reflect new and evolving market realities. Our first update scheduled for May 2020 and another in the Fall. Clients receive complimentary updates during 2020. If your company is a recent client for this project, we may have already reached out to your colleagues to participate in our program. If you're an active player in the space but hasn't yet subscribed to our project, we invite you to participate and share your perspectives. Please sign-up here.

The global market for Smart Cities is projected to reach US$1. 8 trillion by 2025, driven by the growing world population, unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources, and the ensuing search for sustainable ways to accommodate the 7+ billion people on the planet. The continued growth in population is already wielding a profound impact both on the environment and quality of human life. Lavish lifestyles in the developed Western economies are resulting in these economies consuming more than their fair share of Earth`s already constrained resources, while haphazard urbanization, ill-planned cities and overcrowding in developing economies are resulting in enormous wastages of precious natural resources. Unchecked urban sprawl is driving modern cities to their limits. Public infrastructure and resources ranging from food, energy, water, security, digital communication to transportation are being stretched to the breaking point. Inequitable distribution of resources is resulting in high cost of living, rising levels of pollution, cultural clashes, increased crime rates, and shortages in housing accommodations, among others. Restrictions on personal freedom is another key fallout of population explosion i. e. limits on water consumption, limits on driving, and limits on travel. Impact on the ecosystem includes species extinction, habitat destruction, and habitat fragmentation. In short, population explosion, a common thread cutting across countries and continents, is nibbling away at the planet. As countries, governments, and communities scramble to support this increase in population, coming to fore is the concept of "Smart Cities" enabled by intelligent information and communication technologies (ICT) technologies. Cities are becoming smart not just through the automation of day-to-day functions but also through the manner in which these functions can be monitored and analyzed for optimizing resource utilization, reducing costs, enhancing operational efficiency and improving quality of life. Key benefits of smart cities driving government investments in smart city technologies include higher and more productive citizen engagement in civic activities; better utilization of infrastructure; enhanced public safety; better communication and improved ability of cities to respond to natural and manmade calamities; unrivalled social, economic and environmental benefits and higher quality of life; massive reduction in energy and water consumption and wastages, among others. Other major trends in the market include growing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in smart cities to provide actionable insights for policy makers to improve operational efficiencies, reduce resource consumption, monitor security risks and contain costs; undivided focus on demand response for its ability to enable closer consumer engagement in competitive city energy markets; and surging penetration of smart water meters and smart gas solutions against the backdrop of the expanding reach of smart utility services. Asia-Pacific ranks including China is a major market, driven by the growing pressure to improve quality of life in emerging markets; increased focus on "Smart Cities" in political agendas for the technology`s ability to provide fair human outcomes, and efforts of local governments to achieve international recognition for smart digitalization and sustainable economic development.
ABB Ltd.; AGT International; Cisco Systems, Inc.; Engie; Hitachi, Ltd.; Honeywell International, Inc.; Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.; IBM Corp.; Intel Corporation; Itron, Inc. ; Johnson Controls International plc; Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L; Microsoft Corp.; Nokia Corporation; Oracle Corporation; Panasonic Corp.; Schneider Electric SA; Siemens AG; Spatial Labs, Inc.; Telensa Limited; Urbiotica; Verizon Communications, Inc.; Worldsensing SL
» Application (Smart Governance & Education, Smart Buildings & Infrastructure, Smart Energy, Smart Healthcare, Smart Security, Other Applications)
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Impact of Covid-19 and a Looming Global Recession
Smart Cities: A Conceptual Overview
Business Models in Smart City Projects
Smart City Technologies
End-Use Segments
Smart Cities: A Review of Technologies & Applications in Major End-Use Industries
Major Standards and Indicators for Assessment of Smart City Outcomes
Smart Cities: A Sustainable Way to Accommodate Worlds Growing Population
EXHIBIT: With Population Bursting at its Seams, Smart Cities Emerge as the Future of Sustainable Ecofriendly Living: World Population (in Thousands) by Geographic Region for the Years 2018, 2025, 2040, 2050
Depleting World Natural Resources Throws the Spotlight on Smart Cities
EXHIBIT: Global Per Capita Availability of Water by Geographic Region (In Cubic Meters) for the Years 1990, 2018 and 2025
EXHIBIT: With World Energy Demand Outstripping the Increase in Coal Reserves, Focus Shifts to Sustainable Use of Energy by Cities: Global Coal Reserves (in Billion Metric Tons) and Electricity Consumption (in Billion kWh) for the Years 1998, 2008 and 2018
Increasingly Congested Cities Lay the Foundation for the Creation of Planned Urban Spaces
Rapid Urbanization: A Key Factor Underlying Congested Cities
EXHIBIT: World Urban Population in Thousands: 1950-2050P
EXHIBIT: Degree of Urbanization Worldwide: Urban Population as a % of Total Population by Geographic Region for the Years 1950, 1970, 1990, 2018, 2030 and 2050
EXHIBIT: Percentage of Urban Population in Select Countries for 2018, 2020, 2030, 2040 and 2050
Resource Constraints & Environmental Consciousness Foster Smart City Development
EXHIBIT: Resource Constraints & Pollution Concerns Confronting Cities Worldwide: Breakdown of Water Consumption Per Capita, Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Per Capita and Waste Volume Per Capita by Geographic Region
Smart Cities Market Poised for Robust Growth Ahead
Smart Energy to Drive Long-Term Growth in the Smart Cities Market
Developing Regions Emerge as Test Beds for Smart Cities Initiatives
Challenges Confronting Development of Smart City Programs
Absence of Uniform and Standard Technology
Lack of Clear Strategic Goals and KPIs
Security Concerns Limit Progress
Quick Review of Market Structure
Recent Market Activity
ABB Ltd. (Switzerland)
AGT International (Switzerland)
Cisco Systems, Inc. (USA)
GE Current (USA)
Engie (France)
Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan)
Honeywell International, Inc. (USA)
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd (China)
IBM Corporation (USA)
Intel Corporation (USA)
Itron, Inc. (USA)
Johnson Controls International plc (Ireland)
Libelium Comunicaciones Distribuidas S.L (Spain)
Microsoft Corporation (USA)
Nokia Corporation (Finland)
Oracle Corporation (USA)
Panasonic Corporation of North America (USA)
Schneider Electric SA (France)
Siemens AG (Germany)
Spatial Labs, Inc. (USA)
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson (Sweden)
Telensa Limited (UK)
Urbiotica (Spain)
Verizon Communications, Inc. (USA)
Worldsensing SL (Spain)
Growing Environmental Footprint of Cities Shifts Focus Onto Smart Cities
EXHIBIT: Suffocating Cities in Developing Countries as Measured by their PM2.5 & the Urgent Need for Remediation to Fuel Adoption of Smart City Technologies: Top Cities in the Developing World with the Highest PM2.5 (Micrograms Per Cubic Meter) for the Year 2018
Funding Support: Vital for Smart Cities Initiatives
Shift Towards Open Governance Model Fuels Interest in Smart Cities
A Review of ICT Technologies Enabling Smart Cities
Broadband Networks
Internet of Things (IoT)
Smart Devices
Cloud Computing
Big Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence
Facial Recognition
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Fog Computing
IoT Lies at the Heart of the Connected Self-Aware Environment Epitomized by Smart Cities
IoT Implementations in Smart Homes & Buildings
EXHIBIT: Connected Things in Smart Cities: Installed Base (in Million) by Segment for 2015 and 2019
Growing Prominence of Sensor Technology in Smart Cities
Rising Significance of Smart City as a Service
Unified Smart City Platforms Allow Big Data to Become a Reality
Transformative Role of AI Technologies in Smart Cities Optimizes Urban Services
EXHIBIT: Developments in AI Paves the Way for Increase Use of AI Intelligence in Smart Cities: World Market for AI-based Hardware, Software and Services (In US$ Million) by Technology for the Years 2018, 2022 and 2024
Big Data Drives Smart Cities Movement and Data Analytics Enhances Smart City Services
Edge and Fog Computing Facilitate Real-time Analytics with Low Bandwidth Consumption
Advances in Technology and Innovative Financing Solutions Facilitate Development of Smart City Initiatives
Communication Networks Hold Significance for Smart Connected Cities
Wi-Fi Networks Vital for Smart Cities Projects
Emerging 5G Technology to Foster Implementation of Smart City Technologies
Mesh Networks for Smart Cities
Open Data to Provide Long-Term Business Opportunities
Government Policies: Critical for Fostering Smart City Technology Developments
E-Government: Imperative for Transforming Cities into Smart Cities
A Review of Select Smart City Initiatives Implemented Worldwide
Innovative Smart Cities Solutions and Systems Present Considerable Growth Opportunity
A Peek at Select Innovations in Smart Cities Space
The EZ-PRO Shared Delivery Vehicle Concept of Renault
The Hyperloop Project
Biomimicry-Based Solutions for Smart City Lighting and Air Pollution Reduction
Robot Valets for Car Parks at Airports
Urbioticas Smart Parking Solution
Smart Street Lighting System from Citeos
Automated Waste Management Systems in the US and France
The Energy Positive Building Powerhouse Brattorkaia in Norway
The Mexican Smart Forest City
Floating Homes in Coastal Communities
Self-Driving Shuttles in New York
Digital Twin Simulation Software Solutions for Future Urban Development Projects
Energy Collecting Bike Racks
AI for Pedestrian Crossing Lights to Prevent Accidents in Vienna
Going from Idea to Reality: A Peek into How Cities Are Getting Smarter
Provision of Smart Municipal & Utility Services Gains Momentum
Smart Grids Vital for Smart Energy Distribution
Smart Metering: Vital for Efficient Energy Use & Consumption Control in Smart Cities
Spiraling Adoption of Smart Water Meters in Cities Worldwide
Demand Responsive Energy Management: Indispensable for a Low Carbon Smart City Footprint
Security in Smart Cities Receives Undivided Focus
Video Surveillance Plays an Important Role in Public Safety in Smart Cities
Advanced Analytics for Surveillance Systems
Smart Buildings & Homes Receive Fair Share of Development Focus
Intelligent Buildings Vital for Constructing a Smart City
Consumer Spending on Smart Home Technologies Gathers Steam
Smart & Connected Lighting Systems Make Cities Smarter, Safer & Help Governments Turn Infrastructure Liabilities into Assets
Deployment of LED & Smart Streetlights Grows in Cities
Smart Digital Education Lies at the Heart of the Smart Cities Concept
EXHIBIT: Deemed as Vital for the Creation of Smart Communities & Cities, the Need to Groom Smart People & Citizens to Drive Robust Demand for Mobile Learning Products & Services: World Market for Mobile Learning (In US$ Billion) for 2018, 2021 and 2024
Smart Healthcare: A Vital Part of the Smart Cities Ecosystem
EXHIBIT: Robust Market for mHealth Solutions to Aid in the Creation of Smart Cities: World Market for mHealth Solutions (In US$ Billion) for the Years 2019, 2021, 2023 and 2025
Smart Mobility & Intelligent Transportation Secures a Fair Share of Government Funding
EXHIBIT: Unprecedented Rise of Connected Cars as the Future of Driving to Benefit the Development of Smart Cities: Global Connected Vehicle Shipments (In Million Units) for the Years 2019, 2021 and 2023
Smart Cities Global Market Estimates and Forecasts in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Cities Market Share Shift across Key Geographies Worldwide: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Governance & Education (Application) Global Opportunity Assessment in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Governance & Education (Application) Percentage Share Breakdown of Global Sales by Region/Country: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Buildings & Infrastructure (Application) Worldwide Sales in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Buildings & Infrastructure (Application) Market Share Shift across Key Geographies: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Energy (Application) Global Market Estimates & Forecasts in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Energy (Application) Market Share Breakdown by Region/Country: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Healthcare (Application) Demand Potential Worldwide in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Healthcare (Application) Share Breakdown Review by Region/Country: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Security (Application) Worldwide Latent Demand Forecasts in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
Smart Security (Application) Distribution of Global Sales by Region/Country: 2019 VS 2025
Other Applications (Application) Sales Estimates and Forecasts in US$ Million by Region/Country for the Years 2018 through 2025
Other Applications (Application) Global Market Share Distribution by Region/Country for 2019 and 2025
United States
Smart Cities Projects in the US Gain Traction
Smart Gas Solutions Market Poised for Growth
Rising Investments in Water Utilities with Focus on Smart Water Meters Drive Market Growth
EXHIBIT: Drinking Water Infrastructure Expenditure Needs in the US through 2030 by Project Type
EXHIBIT: US Smart Water Solutions Market: Percentage Breakdown of Spending by Segment for 2016, 2020, and 2024
United States Smart Cities Latent Demand Forecasts in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Smart Cities Market Share Breakdown in the United States by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Spending on Smart Cities Continues to Grow
EXHIBIT: Top Use Cases for Smart Cities Spending in Canada: % CAGR by Use Case for the Period 2017-2022
Canadian Smart Cities Market Quantitative Demand Analysis in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Canadian Smart Cities Market Share Analysis by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Market Overview
Japan Leverages Smart Gas Solutions to Build Low Carbon, Energy-Efficient Society
Japanese Demand Estimates and Forecasts for Smart Cities in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Smart Cities Market Share Shift in Japan by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Cities Market in China: An Overview
EXHIBIT: Total Number of Smart City Projects with Financial and Institutional Support from Local Government
EXHIBIT: Smart City Government Informationization Market (In Billion Yuan) for the Years 2016, 2018, 2020 & 2022
Chinese Demand for Smart Cities in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Chinese Smart Cities Market Share Breakdown by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Cities Deployment in Europe Continues to Gain Momentum
FIWARE: An Open Platform for Smart Cities
Rising Deployments of Smart Water Meters Augurs Well for Smart Cities Initiatives
European Smart Cities Market Demand Scenario in US$ Million by Region/Country: 2018-2025
European Smart Cities Market Share Shift by Region/Country: 2019 VS 2025
European Smart Cities Addressable Market Opportunity in US$ Million by Application: 2018-2025
European Smart Cities Market Share Analysis by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Smart Cities Quantitative Demand Analysis in France in US$ Million by Application: 2018-2025
French Smart Cities Market Share Analysis: A 7-Year Perspective by Application for 2019 and 2025
Smart Cities Market in Germany: Annual Sales Estimates and Forecasts in US$ Million by Application for the Period 2018-2025
Smart Cities Market Share Distribution in Germany by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Italian Demand for Smart Cities in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Italian Smart Cities Market Share Breakdown by Application: 2019 VS 2025
United Kingdom
United Kingdom Demand Estimates and Forecasts for Smart Cities in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Smart Cities Market Share Shift in the United Kingdom by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Rest of Europe
Rest of Europe Smart Cities Addressable Market Opportunity in US$ Million by Application: 2018-2025
Rest of Europe Smart Cities Market Share Analysis by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Asian Economies Focus on Development of Smart Cities
Smart Cities Quantitative Demand Analysis in Asia-Pacific in US$ Million by Application: 2018-2025
Asia-Pacific Smart Cities Market Share Analysis: A 7-Year Perspective by Application for 2019 and 2025
Rest of World
Middle East: Huge Opportunity for Smart City Developments
Rising Power Demand Propels Growth in Smart Power Metering Technologies
UAE Focuses on Developing Connected, Smart Cities
Latin American Smart Cities Market: An Overview
EXHIBIT: Major Megacities in Latin America by Population (in Million) by 2025
Rest of World Smart Cities Market Quantitative Demand Analysis in US$ Million by Application: 2018 to 2025
Rest of World Smart Cities Market Share Analysis by Application: 2019 VS 2025
Total Companies Profiled : 100

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