Increasing Adoption in Varied Applications and Technology Advancements Aimed at Enhancing Printing Efficiency to Drive Growth in the MEMS Inkjet Heads Market

The global MEMS Inkjet Heads market is projected to reach US$1.2 billion by 2024, driven primarily by the growing demand from both existing and emerging applications. The growth will also be driven by the sustained focus on technology advancements aimed at enhancing functional and operational efficiency.

MEMS inkjet print heads represent one of the most innovative and high-performance digital printing technologies to have revolutionized the world of printing. Inkjet head is a part of a printer or dispensing system that applies ink (creates a mark/image) on a specific surface/ substrate. As a superior alternative to traditional methods, MEMS inkjet heads with the help of well-established silicon integrated circuit manufacturing technologies eliminate direct contact between substrate and print head, resulting in an affordable and clean printing on a broad range of media types. Supported by latest advancements, inkjet printing has made it easier, cost-effective and faster to produce full-color high-quality documents, photographs and fine art reproductions. These and other benefits including improved performance, reliability, flexibility, durability, nozzle density, drop placement accuracy, output quality, and speed; along with significant cost savings are driving steady adoption of inkjet printing, thus spurring growth in the MEMS inkjet print heads market.

The introduction of new, high performance printers at lower price points, rising demand for technologically superior products worldwide, growing industry level awareness about the viability and cost advantages of MEMS inkjet printheads technology, and availability of improved print materials will continue to fuel growth in the global inkjet printheads market. Global market for MEMS inkjet heads will be fostered by the rapidly growing demand for digital printing. With standard printing techniques increasingly being replaced by digital printing methods, the demand for MEMS inkjet heads is expected to grow at a rapid pace over the coming years. Another factor with positive implications for the global MEMS inkjet heads market will be the rising adoption of UV curable inks, due its faster curing process, low heat generation and printability on multiple substrates. In the coming years, the increasing adoption of UV curing in varied industries is expected to foster growth in the overall inkjet heads market. Growth in the MEMS inkjet heads market will also be propelled by the rapidly growing demand for print-on-demand or POD services, which involve printing of a document only when an order is received for the same.

Future growth in the MEMS inkjet heads market will be driven by expanding applications and technology advancements targeted at allowing greater freedom in ink chemistry, enabling printing on various substrates, production of functional 3D structures and 2D images, and towards developing the next generation of inkjet printers that can replace conventional methods of office laser printing, commercial screen printing, and traditional analog presses. Nanotechnology and electronics also offer lucrative potential for MEMS inkjet heads in industrial applications supported by their ability to save costs, efficiently use materials and eliminate waste and create well-defined patterns on various substrates.

The United States represents the largest regional market, worldwide. The region's leadership is attributed primarily to the high demand for inkjet and color laser printers, ensuring sustained demand for supplies such as inkjet heads. Technology advancements and the growing tech-savviness of consumers are further driving demand for inkjet printers from educational institutes and corporate sector, thus aiding growth of the MEMS inkjet head market. However, Asia-Pacific is forecast to register the fastest CAGR of 3.8% over the analysis period. Rising income levels, increasing infrastructure expenditure, favorable government policies, technological awareness, and financial support by the government in research and development efforts are all driving demand for MEMS inkjet printheads in developing countries.

Major players in the market include Canon Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, FUJIFILM Dimatix Inc., FUNAI Electric Co. Ltd., HP Development Company L.P., Konica Minolta Inc., Kyocera Corporation, Memjet Technology, Ricoh Printing Systems America Inc., Seiko Epson Corporation, SII Printek Inc., Toshiba TEC Corporation, Trident Industrial Inkjet and Xaar plc, among others.

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