Research Abstract

This report analyzes the Global Market for Quantum Cryptography in US$ Million. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2012 through 2020. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based on public domain information including company URLs. The report profiles 31 companies including many key and niche players such as -

Alcatel-Lucent SA
HP Laboratories
ID Quantique SA
International Business Machines Corp.
MagiQ Technologies, Inc.

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Code: MCP-1812
Price: $4500
Companies: 31
Pages: 103
Date: March 2015
Market Data Tables: 7
Status: * New Report

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   Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations.....I-1  
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level.....I-2
   Product Definitions and Scope of Study.....I-3  
   Secure Communications – Defining the Need for Cryptography.....II-1
Traditional Cryptography Face Imminent Threat of Quantum Computers.....II-1
   Stage Set for Quantum Cryptography.....II-21$100
   A Pictorial Illustration of Quantum Cryptography.....II-31$100
   Current and Future Landscape of Quantum Cryptography.....II-41$100
   Adoption in End-use Sector.....II-5
Table 1: Global Quantum Encryption Market by End-Use Segment (2020 & 2030): Percentage Breakdown of Sales Revenues for Large-Scale Enterprises (including Banks); Research Institutions, Government Agencies & Defence Establishments; Small Scale Enterprises & Public Utilities; and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-5
   Overview of Adoption in Geographic Regions.....II-61$100
   Researchers Striving to Overcome Limitations in Terrestrial QKD networks.....II-7
Select Terrestrial QKD Networks Installed in Various Countries.....II-7
   China Set to Become the World Leader in Quantum Communication, Commences
  Construction of Nationwide Quantum Communication Network.....II-8
Battelle Memorial to Set Up 400-mile long QKD Network.....II-8
   Satellite QKD Networks to Complement Terrestrial QKD Networks.....II-91$100
   Promising Technological Developments in Free-Space QKD.....II-10
Chinese Researchers Announce Successful Satellite-to-Ground Photon Pulse
   Institute for Quantum Computing Installs Quantum Free-space Link Test System.....II-11
DLR Technology Facilitates Transmission of Quantum Key from Air to Ground.....II-11
QIPS Demonstrates Free-space QKD link in Canary Islands.....II-11
Moving Beyond Point-to-Point Communications - An Important Step to Improve
  Commercialization Prospects.....II-11
   Quantum Access Network with Improved APDs to Enable Quantum Cryptography for Multiple
   Threat of Cyber Crime Buoys Demand for Quantum Cryptography Solutions in Government
   Priority for Cyber Threat Listed by Country.....II-14
Growing Use of Cyber Security Solutions in Public Utilities.....II-14
   Los Alamos National Laboratory Demonstrates QC Approach to Safeguard against Cyber
Demand for Cyber Security in Defense Sector On the Rise.....II-15
   Business Enterprises Drive Demand for QC-based Secure Communications Systems.....II-16 1$100
   Table 2: Global Market for IT Security Products by End-use Application (2020 & 2030): Percentage Breakdown of Sales Revenues for End-point Security, Identity Authentication & Access Management, Internet Security, Messaging Security, Network Security, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-17
Financial Services – A Key End Use Market for Information Security Solutions.....II-17
   Table 3: Leading Targets of Fraud (2013): Percentage Breakdown of Number of Breaches by Type of Asset (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-18
Factors Affecting Implementation of Cyber Security Solutions by Enterprises Worldwide
  – Ranked in Order of Influence.....II-18
   Securing Internet Transaction: an Opportune Application Area for Quantum
Quantum Cryptography to Secure Mobile Transactions.....II-19
   Table 4: World M-Payment Market: Breakdown of Number of M-Payment Transactions (In Billion): 2010-2015 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-201$350
   Strong Need for QKD Systems Compatibility with Existing Telecom Networks.....II-21
Toshiba, in Collaboration with Cambridge University, Discovers Possibility of Quantum
  Cryptography over Existing Fiber Optic Cables.....II-21
   New Protocol to Bring Quantum Cryptography to Mobile Telecommunications.....II-22
Table 5: Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic by Device Type (2015 & 2018) - Percentage Share Breakdown of Monthly Data Traffic Volume for Laptops, Non-Smartphones, Smartphones, Tablets, and Others (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-22
   Table 6: Worldwide Mobile Data Traffic by Application (2015 & 2018) - Percentage Share Breakdown of Monthly Data Traffic Volume for Data, File Sharing, M2M, and Video (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-231$350
   Quantum Cryptography Finds Application in Securing Data for Electric Grids.....II-24
Relativistic Quantum Cryptography to Ensure Secure Bit Commitment.....II-24
   Refinement of Photon Detectors Essential for Widespread Adoption.....II-25
Researchers Identify Alternative Method to Sidestep Technical Flaw in Photon
   Advanced Secure Communications through Improved Single-Photon Emitter.....II-26
High Cost of Infrastructure and Hardware: A Cause of Concern.....II-26
   Dire Need for Established Standards.....II-271$100
   MIQC Project Commenced for Developing Metrological Standards for QKD.....II-28
Competitive Scenario.....II-28
   A Symmetric Cryptosystem:.....II-30
Unconditionally Secure or Perfect Cryptosystem:.....II-30
How Does One-Time Pad Works?.....II-30
   One-Time Pad Cryptosystem: The Hurdles.....II-31
Public-Key Cryptography: A Quick Primer .....II-31
How Does Public-Key Cryptography Works?.....II-31
   Public-key Cryptosystems in Common Use .....II-32
RSA Cryptosystem:.....II-32
ElGamal Cryptosystem:.....II-32
Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems.....II-32
   McEliece Cryptosystem:.....II-33
Limitations in Public-key Cryptosystems Led to the Emergence of Quantum Cryptography
   Quantum Theory.....II-34
Quantum Mechanics in Cryptography .....II-34
Quantum Cryptography: An Evolution Scan.....II-34
   Global Premiere for Quantum Cryptography in 2004.....II-35
Classical Cryptography Vs. Quantum Cryptography.....II-35
Quantum Cryptographic Procedure .....II-36
A Pictorial Representation of Polarization Readings.....II-36
   Quantum Key Distribution: A Primer .....II-37
Key QKD Protocols .....II-37
Data Transmitting Process.....II-37
   Data Receiving/Recovering Process.....II-38
Quantum Key Distribution with "BB84" Protocol .....II-38
   Pictorial representation of quantum bit (or qubit) polarization matching for "BB84"
  protocol for transmitting and receiving process.....II-40
Ekert 91 Protocol for QKD.....II-40
   Quantum Key Distribution with "B92" Protocol .....II-41
Pictorial Representation of Quantum bit-polarization matching for "B92" scheme’s
  transmitting side.....II-41
Pictorial Representation of Quantum bit-polarization matching for "B92" scheme’s
  receiving side.....II-41
   SARG04 Protocol for QKD.....II-42
Continuum Based.....II-42
Coherent One Way Protocol.....II-42
Major Steps Involved in QKD Process.....II-42
   Raw Key Extraction.....II-43
Error Estimation.....II-43
Key Reconciliation.....II-43
   Privacy Amplification.....II-441$100
   Pictorial Representation of QKD Decision Scheme.....II-45
Position-based Quantum Cryptography: A Review.....II-45
What is the Bounded- and noisy-quantum- storage model?.....II-45
   Los Alamos National Laboratory Inks Technology Transfer Agreement with Allied
Infineon Introduces OPTIGA Trust P Security Chip.....II-47
SPYRUS Secures Israeli Patent for Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms.....II-47
The Specialists for Integrated Systems Company W.L.L. Enters into Partnership with ID
NTT and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation-Developed Camellia Encryption Algorithm Adopted
  in e-Government Recommended Ciphers List.....II-47
GridCom Technologies Develops Quantum Encryption System.....II-47
   Battelle Memorial Institute and ID Quantique to Deploy COTS-Based Quantum Key
  Distribution System in the US.....II-48
Cygate Enters into Partnership with ID Quantique.....II-48
SPYRUS Introduces New Secure Pocket Drive.....II-48
   Alcatel-Lucent SA (France).....II-49
HP Laboratories (UK).....II-49
ID Quantique SA (Switzerland).....II-49
   International Business Machines Corp. (USA).....II-51
MagiQ Technologies, Inc. (USA).....II-51
   Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (Japan).....II-52
Nucrypt LLC (US).....II-52
   Oki Electric Industry Company Ltd (Japan).....II-53
QinetiQ Group PLC (UK).....II-53
QuintessenceLabs, Inc. (Australia).....II-53
   Raytheon BBN Technologies (USA).....II-54
SeQureNet SarL (Italy).....II-54
Toshiba Corp. (Japan).....II-54
   Universal Quantum Devices (Canada).....II-551$100
   Table 7: Quantum Cryptography Market: Annual Sales Estimates and Forecasts in US$ Million for the Years 2012 through 2020 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart).....II-561$350
Total Companies Profiled: 31 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 34)

Region/Country Players

The United States 9 Canada 1 Japan 8 Europe 12 France 2 Germany 3 The United Kingdom 4 Italy 1 Rest of Europe 2 Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) 4
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