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Increasing Focus on Safety and Energy-Efficiency in Buildings and Automobiles to Drive the Global Smart Glass Market

Published: July 2017


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The global market for Smart Glass is projected to exceed US$7.5 billion by 2024, driven by the increasing focus on energy efficient building technologies, robust demand from the transportation sector, favorable regulatory environment, and development of innovative and advanced window solutions. Developments in thermochromic and electrochromic technologies, reactive glazing technology and privacy switchable glass technologies among others, are all poised to spur future growth in the market. Also, huge opportunities exist for smart windows in the retrofit segment as majority of the windows in current buildings worldwide are not energy efficient. Europe represents the largest market worldwide, supported by modernization of existing buildings and the resulting replacement of window and door glass. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a projected CAGR of 16.3% over the analysis period, driven by factors such as healthy construction sector, growing government focus and investments on building smart cities; rapid urbanization, digitalizing lifestyles and rising consumer demand for smart home solutions; and growing penchant especially in the commercial and office sector for modern architectural and interior design styles; and growing popularity of glass buildings and skyscrapers and the ensuing need for durable, strong and energy efficient architectural glass solutions. 

    Summary of Findings

  • Elimination of the Need for Traditional Blinds and Window Coverings Drives Interest in Smart, Switchable Glass that Automatically Switches Between Clear and Opaque Shades
  • Rising Investments in Infrastructure Projects in Emerging Markets Strengthens Growth Prospects
  • Demand for Self-Cleaning, Self-Healing, and Self-Tinting Glass for Automobile Cameras and Windshields to Benefit Demand in the Automotive End-Use Sector
  • Expanding Applications in Aviation, Marine, and Solar Power to Benefit Market Expansion
  • Technological Advancements, Falling Prices and Shifting Demand from Passive to Active Smart Glass Technologies to Spearhead Product Penetration

    Timeline for Analysis

  • Market Estimates and Forecasts for 2015-2024

    Geographic Markets Analyzed

  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (China, and Rest of Asia-Pacific), and Rest of World

    Market Segmentation & Classification

  • Technology Types:
    • Electrochromic, Suspended Particle Devices, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Glass, and Others
  • End-Use Applications:
    • Transportation, Architectural, and Others


  • Active Glass Technologies PLC
  • Asahi Glass Company Ltd.
  • Clayton Glass Ltd.
  • Corning, Inc.
  • Essex Safety Glass Ltd.
  • Flat Glass Industries Ltd.


  • Review of Industry/Market Structure
  • Analysis of Trends & Drivers
  • Insights on Macro Market Scenarios
  • Market SWOT Analysis
  • Latent Demand Forecasts & Projections
  • Comprehensive Geographic Market Analysis
  • Presentation Ready Facts & Statistical Data Findings
  • Coverage of Major/Niche Players, Market Shares & Competition
  • Coverage of major Company/Technology/Product/Financial Stories
  • Extensive Product/Service/End-Use/Technology Coverage Where Applicable

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