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Rapid Adoption of Digital Enterprise Technologies & Solutions Drives Global Demand for Enterprise Network Equipment

Published: January 2018


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The global market for Enterprise Network Equipment is projected to reach US$40.5 billion by 2024, driven by the rapid adoption of cloud computing technologies, the resulting popularity of software-defined networking (SDNs) architectures; and growing emphasis on agile networking against the backdrop of digitalization of businesses and enterprise IT. Proliferation of virtualization and cloud computing technologies is fueling the need for Enterprise Network Equipment such as, routers, Ethernet switches, WLAN equipment and application acceleration equipment, among others. Demand for WLAN equipment is especially receiving a boost from the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) enterprise mobility trends. The U.S. represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a CAGR of 3.4% through the analysis period led by factors such as growing IT budgets among mushrooming SMBs in a booming enterprise sector; and growing importance of next generation enterprise WLANs in enabling wireless support to an ever broadening base of business applications.  

    Summary of Findings

  • Increasing Investments in Enterprise WLAN Upgrades to Improve Speed, Capacity and Coverage Drives Demand for Next Generation WLAN Products
  • Growing Enterprise Data Traffic on WLANs and LANs and Rising Incidents of Network Attacks Fuels the Emphasis on Securing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)
  • Webification of Enterprise Applications and the Parallel Need to Enhance Data Transfer Rates Across Wide-Area Networks (WANs) Drive Demand for WAN Optimization Controllers
  • High-Speed Wireless Data Transmission Capabilities Spur Adoption of 802.11ac Standard
  • Ethernet Switching Market to Witness Increased Demand for 100GE Switch Ports

    Timeline for Analysis

  • Market Estimates and Forecasts for 2016-2024
  • Historic Review 2011-2015

    Geographic Markets Analyzed

  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (Australia, China, India, South Korea and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Latin America, and Rest of World

    Market Segmentation & Classification

  • Product Type:
    • Routers, Ethernet Switches, WLAN Equipment, and Application Acceleration Equipment


  • A10 Networks, Inc.
  • ADTRAN, Inc.
  • Aerohive Networks, Inc.
  • Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise
  • Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.


  • Review of Industry/Market Structure
  • Analysis of Trends & Drivers
  • Insights on Macro Market Scenarios
  • Market SWOT Analysis
  • Latent Demand Forecasts & Projections
  • Comprehensive Geographic Market Analysis
  • Presentation Ready Facts & Statistical Data Findings
  • Coverage of Major/Niche Players, Market Shares & Competition
  • Coverage of major Company/Technology/Product/Financial Stories
  • Extensive Product/Service/End-Use/Technology Coverage Where Applicable

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