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Healthy Market for Meat and Nutraceuticals Drive the Global Amino Acids Market

Published: July 2017


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The global market for Amino Acids is projected to exceed US$29 billion by 2024, driven by sustained demand from the nutraceuticals and animal feed end-use markets. Fortification of foods with amino acids is emerging into a major trend benefiting consumption patterns in the market, especially against the backdrop of the rise in prevalence of diseases caused by amino acid deficiency. Rising global per capita meat consumption as a result of the migration to protein rich diets is driving growth of the livestock farming industry, which in turn is helping boost consumption of amino acids as feed additives. Asia-Pacific represents the largest and the fastest growing market worldwide with a CAGR of 5.3% over the analysis period. The growth in the region is led by the rising wave of health consciousness among the affluent base of middle class population and the ensuing opening up of opportunities in the health supplements and nutraceuticals market; growing pressure on livestock farmers to reduce use of antibiotics in animal feed and the resulting increase in interest in amino acids as a potential dietary replacement; and migration of agricultural practices to organic methods and the resulting use of amino acids as an organic and natural plant growth promotant; robust pharmaceutical industry and the parallel increase in use of amino acids in drugs as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). 

    Summary of Findings

  • Malnutrition in Developing Countries Fuels Fortification of Food With Amino Acid Formulations
  • Growth in Livestock Production and Modernization of Livestock Farming Practices Drive Sales of Amino Acids as Feed Additives
  • Growing Investments in Cell Culture Research to Develop Antibodies, Vaccines, and Cell-Produced Drugs Drives Use of Amino Acid Solution for Cell Growth
  • Developments in Industrial Production and Processing of Amino Acids Through Microbiological Fermentation Methods to Benefit Market Growth
  • Rising Disposable Income, Increased Consumption of Healthier Protein Rich Seafood to Spur Demand for Amino Acids in Fish Farming

    Timeline for Analysis

  • Market Estimates and Forecasts for 2016-2024
  • Historic Review 2011-2015

    Geographic Markets Analyzed

  • US, Canada, Japan, Europe (France, Germany, Italy, UK, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (China and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Middle East & Africa, and Latin America (Brazil and Rest of Latin America)

    Market Segmentation & Classification

  • Product Segments:
    • Glutamic Acid, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, and Other Amino Acids


  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc.
  • Amino GmbH
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company
  • Cargill, Inc.
  • China National BlueStar (Group) Co., Ltd.
  • CJ Cheil Jedang


  • Review of Industry/Market Structure
  • Analysis of Trends & Drivers
  • Insights on Macro Market Scenarios
  • Market SWOT Analysis
  • Latent Demand Forecasts & Projections
  • Comprehensive Geographic Market Analysis
  • Presentation Ready Facts & Statistical Data Findings
  • Coverage of Major/Niche Players, Market Shares & Competition
  • Coverage of major Company/Technology/Product/Financial Stories
  • Extensive Product/Service/End-Use/Technology Coverage Where Applicable

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