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Company Profile

About Us

Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) is a reputed publisher of off-the-shelf market research. Recognized as one of the most consistently accurate forecasting company in the world, GIA currently serves more than 9,500 companies from 36 countries worldwide. The company was founded in 1987, initially recognized globally as a research boutique specializing in the medical industry. Over the past 25 years, the company expanded its coverage and now publishes extensively upon more than 180 major industries.

Our Team

Our experienced team is dedicated to world-class research and analysis. We attribute our success to our people, their commitment and work culture. Most of our staff possess post-graduate education in one or more of the following disciplines - business, engineering, mathematics, statistics, economics, journalism, or computer applications. These highly motivated professionals work to meet client deadlines across international time zones, seamlessly delivering projects to corporate intranets and executive desktops worldwide.

Our Research

GIA is a pioneer in large multilingual multinational research programs. Our reports address all major geographic markets and present a unique global perspective rarely found in most other off-the-shelf research reports. The quality and integrity of our data is the cornerstone for our forecasting and consulting capabilities. We analyze each topic covered with unparalleled expertise, market perspectives, and research. In addition to our baseline forecasts, we often also analyze alternative scenarios. Our market analyses draws from an extensive array of internally developed baseline feed of industry trend Analytics for over 180 industries in 60+ countries. Such geographic intelligence includes many derivative insights specific to products, regions, industries, technologies, end-uses, use applications, demographics, companies, etc. Our 25-year expertise combined with grassroots level extensive research and analysis incorporates current and historic trends unique to each topic. Our multi-disciplinary exper tise also helps us understand cross-industry scenarios and highlight emerging patterns.


GIA is recognized as the only company in the off-the-shelf research business to conduct research in several languages. Our extensive long track record in multilingual primary research programs, multilingual content publishing, and exclusive topical coverage of hundreds of areas has earned us a worldwide reputation.

Comprehensive Portfolio

GIA offers one of the world's largest portfolios of research reports in terms of topics, geographic coverage, companies profiled and pages published. We currently publish over 1300 large Global Strategic Business Reports and Global Industry Outlooks, encompassing all major industries worldwide. Our current portfolio also consists of more than 65,000 Market Trend Reports, 30,000 Company Reports, and 125,000 Market Data & Statistics.

Global Coverage

Our research by geographic coverage is - United States 28%, Europe 44%, Japan 9%, Rest of Asia 9%, Latin America 4%, and Rest of the world 6%.

Our Clientele

We are proud to serve a global clientele of more than 9,500 companies from 36 countries. We now serve companies across the world, ranging from the industry's largest players to start-ups. In the services sector, we serve the world's most reputed management consultants, investment banks, investment research firms, venture capitalists, government, trade promotion groups, non-profits, industry associations, and others.